Notify – Free Beautiful PSD & HTML5 Coming Soon Template


Notify is a beautiful, colorful psd and html5/css3 coming soon, under construction website template, The Notify html5 website template can be used to display the launch date for your website visitors or to collect their emails and notify them later when your website or service is launched.

The Notify Coming Soon Template comes with awesome features like mailchimp ajax subscription form, circle countdown, static background image and background image slider

Included Pages :

Page with mailchimp ajax subscription form.
Page with static background image.
Page with background image slider.
Page with a static background image and css gradient.
Page with a background image slider and mailchimp ajax subscription form.

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  • Amit Kolambikar

    I love you for that..thank you šŸ™‚

    • @amitkolambikar:disqus We love you too, you are welcome šŸ™‚

  • Ryan Zimmerman

    Thanks for the elegant countdown. However, Iā€™m having issues
    with the text and form field disappearing on my android devices using Chrome
    whenever I zoom in, or rotate to a landscape view. The countdown animation
    remains, but the text and form field disappear.

    • Hi @disqus_SuFQP6baiW:disqus & thank’s for letting us know about the issue, which page are using? can you send us a screenshot of the issue?

  • Francee A.

    Hi! How do I add/change value on the “mail” button? Wanna make sure it goes to my e-mail! Thank you!

  • Abdullah Amir

    where to change the date and time

  • Abdullah Amir

    i need to make i for 7 days can u send me the text for it (got it was in the index.html thx for this)

  • Samuel Adjabeng

    Any install notes would have been very helpful ???

  • Abderahman Lehbib

    Hi! How do I add/change value on the “mail” button? Wanna make sure it goes to my e-mail! Thank you!

  • Nico Becher

    where i can set the servertime as counttime? so everyone in the world has the same countdown?!