Crafty – Free HTML5 Responsive Template

Crafty free html5 css3 responsive template

Crafty is an amazing, beautiful template we published last week, this week we are sharing with you the responsive HTML5 template version, it looks amazing on tablets and phones, and it’s very fast to load, the source files are well-organised, the crafty HTML5 Responsive Template is well-coded, commented and easy to modify, you can easily customize it to fit you needs.

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  • Esteban

    Is this a WordPress theme?

  • Bill

    Hi, I’m wondering what the license for this template, as well as the other freebies on this site. Thanks

    • Hi Bill, all the templates are free to use only for personal and clients projects, you will find more details in the downloadable file.

      • Bill

        Thanks a lot. I found the license file.

        • You are welcome, let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • Arnon

    This is an amazing crisp and clean theme. I have been playing with it a bit to help with my coding skills, I do have one question, how do you adjust the time of the transition for the Testimonials slider?? ( I would assume it is in the javascript or CSS but I can’t figure it out)

    • Hi Arnon Thank you for your nice comment, for your question about time of the transition follow the following steps :

      1 – Go and open in your text editor the ‘main.js’ file which is located inside the ‘js’ folder.

      2 – Inside the .carouFredSel() function you will find an object called ‘scroll : {}’ add to it this property -> duration : 500, you can change the duration value to what ever you want.

      Here is the complete code for the scroll object:
      scroll : {
      items : 1,
      fx : “fade”,
      duration : 500

      Let us know if you need more help or have additional questions.

      • Arnon

        That worked! Javascript is awesome. Question… The 500 property, what kind of measurement is it? for example 500 = 5 seconds? Just curious.

        Also once again I have to say, this theme kicks ass! The CSS is very well organized.

        • You are welcome @disqus_mF5o7Wq0Xs:disqus, the 500 = 5 seconds, you can also write this value 5e2 (5e2 = 500).
          Thanks for you comment, we are glad to hear that you like it.

  • Gregor

    Hi there, thanks for that very nice Template, it make a lot of fun to work with it. I have a question to the Testimonials slider. Is it possible that i get a width:100%;? for the textarea? I’ve tried a lot so far but unfortunately it doesnt work. I want to create for each class=”t” an background-image and i want this image as large as the billboard look like.

    Greetings Gregor

  • Crafty

    LOVE this one!
    Haven’t figured out how to make room for an AD, but nice clean template. Thank You!

  • Alexander North

    Really liking this theme overall. Has anyone put together a sub-menu as part of this navigator?

    • Thanks for your comment @disqus_09LZ4XjSqz:disqus

  • Cheryle

    Hey there. I love this template and am using it for our organization, but I am having an issue with the responsiveness on various devices. Desktop looks fine, but something weird is happening with the social media and slider as you reduce the monitor size.

    • hi @disqus_LkQWP37kUZ:disqus , there is only one slider in this template which is the testimonials slider, you did not implement the template very well that’s why you are having problems with the responsiveness.

      • Cheryle

        I added a photo slider to the site using the same slider which is supposedly responsive. To say it was not implemented well doesn’t answer my question, and you should elaborate on the “not implement well”…. the social media not wrapping properly in the header has nothing to do with the slider. If you don’t want to offer constructive advice, say so….

      • Cheryle

        But I still love the template! I will keep working at it. Thanks.

  • Hi there, this may sound like a silly question, forgive me for my lack of tech knowledge I was wondering how you would incorporate this website template into an existing hosting server that already have there own templates. If that makes sense.

    • Hi @lauracab:disqus you just need to replace the dummy content with yours, and upload it to your server via a FTP client like FileZilla, let me know if you need more help.

  • Yves

    Hello, very nice template indeed! When extending this to a website with several pages, topbar does not link to another html page. A limitation to internal links somewhere in js? I could not find it.

    • Hi @disqus_XblDAZWpdM:disqus the bug has been fixed, thanks for your comment.

      • Yves Barjhoux

        Thank you Pixelhint. Very nice of you.

  • Yves

    My workaround: transform to comment the 4 lines under “Mean navigation
    menu scroll to” in main.js. Is it the recommended practice? Best

    • Hi @disqus_XblDAZWpdM:disqus
      Yes, it’s the right way, just don’t forget to remove the line of code below from the “index.html” file.

      • Yves

        Thank you. I had missed that, although it worked anyway. Best regards.

  • Yves

    Sorry, my two previous comments related to experience with Volcano template, not Crafty.

  • Carlos Barrera

    Great Template!
    I am, however struggling with replacing the logo with a wider one. The navigation starts breaking at lower screen resolutions. I was wondering if anybody has an advice on how to correct for this.