Capture – Free Responsive Bootstrap App Landing Page Theme

capture free bootstrap app landing page theme

Capture is an elegant free responsive bootstrap theme perfect to showcase your mobile Application, this theme is built using the well-known bootstrap v3.3.2 an HTML and CSS framework and it’s extremely easy to customize, the source code is clean, well-organised and commented.

Capture comes with a load of features such as Youtube popup video, Mailchimp ajax subscription form, parallax effect, cool animation, testimonials slider, ghost buttons and more.

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  • themefisher

    Super Clean Template … great job .

    • Pixelhint

      Thank you @themefisher:disqus .

  • PoohGQ

    How easy is it to customize this template for something other than an app landing page?

    • Pixelhint

      It depends on your HTML and CSS skills, this template is made specially for mobile apps.

      • PoohGQ

        Great. Thanks! HTML & CSS skills are not to bad. Just hoping not to many links to app stores that need to be changed. Thanks again!

  • vedran

    Can You upload a PSD file ?

    • Pixelhint


    • Pixelhint

      Hi @vedran you can now find the PSD files in the source files, thanks.

  • bucur

    Very nice template, i like it.

    • Pixelhint

      Thank you @bucur:disqus.

    • Pixelhint

      Thank you @bucur:disqus

  • Robert Dean

    Great work, keep on posting good stuff :) is there any chance we can get the PSD file ?

    • Pixelhint

      @rdpantino:disqus We will post the PSD soon

      • Robert Dean

        cool, thanks :)

        • Pixelhint

          Hi @rdpantino:disqus the PSD file is now included in the source files.

  • Mike

    Also would love PSD. Not sure how to edit the text. Have searched all the files.

    • Pixelhint

      Hi @mike, please redownload the source files we have included the PSD file.

  • Subhendu Hitesh Bhatt

    I can’t express in words how great this is !

    • Pixelhint

      We are happy to hear that, thank you @subhenduhiteshbhatt:disqus for your comment.

  • Manuspielt


    great Template but i have a problem linking anything in the main menu except anchors. Is that possible somehow? I wanted to link a mailto: and a second Page, but that wasn’t possible, the click gets blocked by the scrollto javascript, i guess? Any Solutions?

    • Pixelhint

      Hi @Manuspielt:disqus we apologize for the delayed response, the solution is to remove the piece of code below from the “main.js” file which is located inside the “js” folder.

      //Navigation menu scrollTo
      $(‘header nav ul li a’).click(function(event){
      var section = $(this).attr(‘href’);
      var section_pos = $(section).position();
      $(window).scrollTo({, left:’0px’}, 1000);

  • Marco Cucci

    Main image isnt shrinking on iphone 6. Any thoughts?

  • CPadmin

    hello, logo and hero/main image are not responsive. How is it possible to fix the problem?
    Please answer asap! thanks!!!

  • Roke22

    If you link with href a external link on the menu or another site for example page2.html the link does not work. Any idea? How to fix it?
    Best Regards.

    • Pixelhint

      Hi please read @Manuspielt:disqus comment.

  • erez


    thank you for a very good site template

    i have i problem
    i added more links to the menu
    About | Features | Testimonials
    and im trying to make the links go to another page
    and it does not do anything
    when i Click on the link a added

    Only if I connect it to an Anchor Point it works
    But to a different link it does not work at all
    It shows the link and You can click on it
    But nothing…

    • Pixelhint

      Hi @disqus_U4xXKc9mkZ:disqus , please read @Manuspielt:disqus comment. you will find the solution there.

      Let us know if you need further assistance, thanks